Welcome to the piano TRACKS project website!

We provide a programme of music education resources and tools to help piano teachers formally but flexibly assess student learning and support their progress at the piano.

Take a look at what we offer:

3 pages of the piano TRACKS curriculum

piano curriculum which can help piano students develop their pianistic skills and music theory knowledge, from beginner to intermediate level (approx. grade 5). This curriculum has been specially designed to introduce and build on concepts in a sequential, bite-sized way, breaking down learning into manageable chunks.

Our piano learning checklists provide a tangible way to track achievement.

A book of learning checklists based on our piano curriculum levels (A-H) which provides teachers and students with a tangible way to track progress and identify areas that need more development. We also provide free certificates to celebrate musical achievements!

A selection of our music theory worksheets

Original music theory worksheets,  available from our Payhip store, and other resources that are designed to support students with strengthening their music theory knowledge.

Our medium and short term trackers help you set goals with your piano students

We have made some tracker documents which you can download for free. Use our goal tracking form and weekly practice diary sheets with your music students to set medium and short term aims, and keep an eye on their piano practice. In fact, these can be used with students of any instrument!

Follow our signposts to other music education resources and activities

Signposts to external music education material that can help develop specific areas of piano technique and music theory knowledge as detailed in the piano TRACKS curriculum.From time to time we also review piano repertoire albums to see how they fit into our curriculum. We put the results on our blog.

You can use as much or as little from the piano TRACKS project as you like, and as flexibly as you need to with each piano student. If you have any questions about this music education project, please get in touch with us.

Piano Tracks is a brilliant resource for teachers. A comprehensive list for students that are just starting out to make sure all the bases of learning are filled.

A great range of repertoire ideas, games and a check list to make sure there’s no gaps in students knowledge before progressing to the next level of playing!

A great teaching aid!

Rachael P

In Piano Tracks, Barbara has created a superb and creative resource for piano teachers. A clear framework of skill and knowledge acquisition is supported by a range of checklists, worksheets and similar resources. Much can also be adapted for use with other instruments too, and I’m excited to see how the project develops in the future.

David B