Mosaic Volume 1

Mosaic is a new series of piano repertoire books from Editions Musica Ferrum. Volume 1 (reviewed here), comprises of 26 contemporary works for ‘easy’ piano. Their website says:

Mosaic will comprise five substantial volumes of music, each covering approximately two grades, which will provide plenty of choice and scope as teaching material for students as they progress.

This 1st volume in the series sits comfortably between piano TRACKS stages C – E. Some pieces include Stage B elements and would be useful for more advanced students wishing to consolidate those skills. There is one work in the collection (Grey Skies, by Andrew Eales), that strays into stage F territory simply because it incorporates so many different elements.

Early level pianists will enjoy sinking their teeth into these pieces that are educational but still satisfyingly musical. Each work is characterful, and the diversity of composers provides students with a wonderful variety of styles to play.


Once again, Editions Musica Ferrum have provided us with some excellent new material that is beautifully and clearly presented. I look forward to seeing future volumes.

To purchase Mosaic (Volume 1), from the Editions Musica Ferrum site, please click here. 

We have identified the main features of each piece and how they align with the piano TRACKS curriculum stages. Download the document for free below.

Mosaic Volume 1

For tips on how to read and use this document visit our How To page.


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