New Horizons Book 1

New Horizons is a new collection of piano works, published by Victoria College of Music and Drama (VCM) through their London Music Press (LMP) department. This first collection is intended to provide material for grades one – four of VCM’s Contemporary Piano syllabus. A second collection will cover the later grades.


The pieces in New Horizons Book 1 link to Stages E – G of the piano TRACKS curriculum, although each piece contains a wide range of musical features so it is difficult to assign a single level to each one. Therefore this volume has the potential to either:

  1. provide material for students that need to consolidate areas of earlier learning , or
  2. help students to develop new skills and knowledge of piano technique and musicianship.

The music is printed clearly and retail publications of this volume have a hard copy cover.

The musical content itself is enjoyable and varied. The range of difficultly level is quite wide for the number of pieces presented, and so this volume would best work as a teacher’s loan item (if you do this in your studio) or for a student who might use the collection over multiple exam grades.

New Horizons Book 1 can currently be bought from the London Music Press website for £8 or by post/telephone/email (click here for info).

Download a list of the pieces in New Horizons Book 1, with each piece aligned to the piano TRACKS curriculum.
New Horizons Book 1 (piano TRACKS curriculum)

For information on using the above PDF please visit our How To…  guides.


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