Einaudi Graded Pieces for Piano (Book 1)

Some months ago kindly sent me a copy of Einaudi Graded Pieces for Piano (and it’s partner book 2) to review. Due to a combination of factors I’ve only just got round to doing this!


This collection comprises of a number of arrangements of Einaudi’s piano pieces aimed at Preparatory – Grade 2 level players. It provides the early player with some interesting and mature repertoire. Each piece is accompanied by exercises that can help the student prepare for the challenges presented within. It is also supported by the SoundCheck interactive practice app.

The pieces in this book cover Stages C – E, with a few elements from Stage F thrown in for good measure. Each piece provides the learner with the opportunity to develop a number of skills. This book would be a good investment for any student following the piano TRACKS curriculum, or those simply looking for some enjoyable and satisfying repertoire

Download a PDF of our piano TRACKS review of this volume here, showing how this book aligns with our curriculum Stages.


Piano Star – Five Finger Tunes

On this blog you will find our assessments of volumes of piano repertoire, against the piano TRACKS curriculum Today we are looking at the new Piano Star – Five Finger Tunes book which has recently been published by ABRSM.

This volume fits roughly into Stages B & C of the piano TRACKS curriculum. The pieces, as you may guess, stay in a fixed five finger position (Stage B) and many of the pieces have at least some hands together playing at around Stage B to C level. There are a couple of features from Stage D (1st and 2nd time bars), which makes it a great book for encouraging continue progression at the piano.

You can pick this up from your local music store or favourite online retailer for around £6 and it is full of great little pieces that young students will enjoy.