Piano Star 2

We have already reviewed Piano Star Five Finger Tunes and Piano Star 1, so next in the series is inevitably Piano Star 2.

Piano Star 2 carries on from where Piano Star 1 stops. There are several pieces that would work well as Stage C assessment pieces. The book then moves the student onto Stage D, with repertoire that is accessible to more advanced Stage C students. There are some elements from Stage E in some pieces in the collection, but at student working at a high Stage D level would be able to approach these works.

This book is another favourite amongst young students, providing enjoyable repertoire at appropriately challenging levels.

Here’s how Piano Star 2 links to our curriculum (PDF).




Piano Star 1

We’ve already reviewed how Piano Star Five Finger Tunes fits into the piano TRACKS curriculum, in this post we will look at where Piano Star 1 sits.

Piano Star 1 is the first in the original trilogy of Piano Star books. It largely stays in the middle C position, but incorporates increasingly difficult rhythms and musical sounds.

Some of the required techniques move into Stage D territory, but in a way that would be accessible to students in lower Stages.

This book would be ideal for a student who would benefit from exploring more demanding concepts, whilst building up confidence to move away from a middle C position.

Click the link to show how each piece in this collection fits into the piano TRACKS curriculum. Next to each piece is a list of elements that the student will develop whilst learning it. We have given two stages for each piece, the first is the stage at which we believe this piece to be accessible, and the second is the highest stage to which any feature of the piece belongs. Piano Star 1 (pdf download).


New Horizons Book 1

New Horizons is a new collection of piano works, published by Victoria College of Music and Drama (VCM) through their London Music Press (LMP) department. This first collection is intended to provide material for grades one – four of VCM’s Contemporary Piano syllabus. A second collection will cover the later grades.


The pieces in New Horizons Book 1 link to Stages E – G of the piano TRACKS curriculum, although each piece contains a wide range of musical features so it is difficult to assign a single level to each one. Therefore this volume has the potential to either:

  1. provide material for students that need to consolidate areas of earlier learning , or
  2. help students to develop new skills and knowledge of piano technique and musicianship.

The music is printed clearly and retail publications of this volume have a hard copy cover.

The musical content itself is enjoyable and varied. The range of difficultly level is quite wide for the number of pieces presented, and so this volume would best work as a teacher’s loan item (if you do this in your studio) or for a student who might use the collection over multiple exam grades.

New Horizons Book 1 can currently be bought from the London Music Press website for £8 or by post/telephone/email (click here for info).

Download a list of the pieces in New Horizons Book 1, with each piece aligned to the piano TRACKS curriculum.
New Horizons Book 1 (piano TRACKS curriculum)

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Mosaic Volume 1

Mosaic is a new series of piano repertoire books from Editions Musica Ferrum. Volume 1 (reviewed here), comprises of 26 contemporary works for ‘easy’ piano. Their website says:

Mosaic will comprise five substantial volumes of music, each covering approximately two grades, which will provide plenty of choice and scope as teaching material for students as they progress.

This 1st volume in the series sits comfortably between piano TRACKS stages C – E. Some pieces include Stage B elements and would be useful for more advanced students wishing to consolidate those skills. There is one work in the collection (Grey Skies, by Andrew Eales), that strays into stage F territory simply because it incorporates so many different elements.

Early level pianists will enjoy sinking their teeth into these pieces that are educational but still satisfyingly musical. Each work is characterful, and the diversity of composers provides students with a wonderful variety of styles to play.


Once again, Editions Musica Ferrum have provided us with some excellent new material that is beautifully and clearly presented. I look forward to seeing future volumes.

To purchase Mosaic (Volume 1), from the Editions Musica Ferrum site, please click here. 

We have identified the main features of each piece and how they align with the piano TRACKS curriculum stages. Download the document for free below.

Mosaic Volume 1

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Piano Star – Five Finger Tunes

On this blog you will find our assessments of volumes of piano repertoire, against the piano TRACKS curriculum Today we are looking at the new Piano Star – Five Finger Tunes book which has recently been published by ABRSM.

This volume fits roughly into Stages B & C of the piano TRACKS curriculum. The pieces, as you may guess, stay in a fixed five finger position (Stage B) and many of the pieces have at least some hands together playing at around Stage B to C level. There are a couple of features from Stage D (1st and 2nd time bars), which makes it a great book for encouraging continue progression at the piano.

You can pick this up from your local music store or favourite online retailer for around £6 and it is full of great little pieces that young students will enjoy.