The piano TRACKS checklists are a group of documents that can be used by piano teacher to monitor and support their pupil’s progress. Our checklists are taken from our piano curriculum, which provides a basic framework for music education at the piano. There are two lists for each stage of our curriculum, one for skill and another for knowledge. This helps piano students to develop their music theory understanding at the same time as their technical and creative skills.

Piano teachers can use these checklists with or without their students to tick off items as and when the student becomes confident in them. Then use the checklists in lesson planning to see at a glance what area of pianistic skill or musical understanding needs to be developed in the next lesson. The checklists are intended to be flexible so they can be used in whatever way best supports an individual’s learning.

Our checklists are available in a single book, via the Lulu self-publishing site. Visit our shop or go directly to our product page in Lulu.

Below you can download sample copies of Stages A and E in PDF format.

piano TRACKS Checklists Stage A

piano TRACKS Checklists Stage E