We have designed two sets of documents that music teachers can use with their pupils to set short and medium term goals. Our checklists can help to identify which areas need further development. This documents are suitable for use with all instrumentalists and vocalists!

Goals Tracker
Medium term tracker for goal setting. Use as often as required to keep your music students motivated.

Weekly practice sheet (A4)
Weekly tracker to set practice goals and log practice time.

Weekly practice sheet (A5 DIY booklet)
Front Cover
Back Cover

The front & back cover documents provide 1.5 tracker pages (each – 3 pairs in total). The insides document provides 2 tracker pagers.
To assemble, print all documents back to back (designed for short-edge binding, but may depend on your personal set ups).

  • Print the front cover once
  • Print the back cover once (this will give you 3 lessons worth of pages)
  • Decide how many lessons work of pages you’d like, e.g. for 20 lessons:
    • minus 3 (front and back cover) = 17 lessons
    • divide 17 by two = 8.5
    • round up to the nearest whole number = 9
    • print 9 sheets
  • Cut down the middle (use the grey line as a guide)
  • Bind together using a method of your choice (I use A5 comb binders)