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Monthly Subscribers – we have started a monthly music theory resources subscription for £5 a month. People who choose this option will receive a set of piano TRACKS resources (worksheets or flashcards) each month, and can purchase the PDF of our checklists for £25 (normally £35). Click the link for more info. Cancel anytime.

May 2020 Payhip offer – use the code MAY2020 to get 25% off all products (excluding subscriptions) during May.

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piano TRACKS checklists (hard copy from Lulu)

piano TRACKS checklists (PDF copy from Payhip)

Our checklists can help piano students make consistent progress and stay motivated. Read more about them here.

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We design our music theory worksheets in line with our piano curriculum and checklists. These are available to buy individually, or you can become a subscriber and access our monthly resource packs.

Find a complete list of our individual worksheets HERE.

Download two watermarked samples here:
Worksheet Sample 1
Worksheet Sample 2