The piano TRACKS Book of Note Names

We are proud to introduce The piano TRACKS Book of Note Names to our suite of music theory resources aimed at piano students. Read ahead, or purchase your copy from

Stage C Notes. This book is colour coded to match our piano curriculum and other resources.

This book helps students to become confident at identifying each note on the treble and bass clef staves, including notes that use up to two ledger lines. Starting with middle C in the treble clef, each note is given its own individual page of exercises and questions to get students thinking about where the note is on the piano and on the stave.

Stage A: Beginners. The first page of the piano TRACKS Book of Note Names.

Each page begins with an opportunity for students to draw the note in two different rhythm values that they are likely to meet around the same time or before learning the note the page focusses on. Drawing the note helps the student to securely connect the image of the note with the note name.

Students get an opportunity to draw the notes, strengthening recognition skills.

Next, students are encouraged to think about where the note is on the stave, for example: is it a line note or a space note; is it in the top space or the bottom space; or how many ledger lines does it need? This helps students to build understanding of how the stave works, and engages them with the process of identifying each note.

Students are encouraged to think about whether notes are line notes or spaces notes, how many ledger lines they need, and where they are on the stave.

Finally students are presented with exercises that consolidate understanding, knowledge, and skill at note reading. These exercises are appropriate for the stage at which students are likely to be at when they encounter the main note for that page.

Exercises help students to get more experience at identifying the note within the context of other appropriate notes, including commonly confused notes.

This book should be used alongside appropriate repertoire, musical activities, and theory resources to reinforce note reading within a broader musical education.

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