Stage A

Stage A is the first level of the piano TRACKS curriculum. To complete Stage A students should be comfortable with:

  • the musical alphabet
  • finger numbers
  • what a stave, treble clef, and bass clef is
  • the notes C-G in the treble clef, the notes F-C in the bass clef
  • crotchets, minims, dotted minims, semibreves, crotchet rests
  • playing fast and slow
  • 2, 3, and 4 beat pulses, and playing in 4 crotchets a bar
  • forte and piano
  • staccato and legato
  • playing using both hands separately
  • skips, steps, and unison
  • major and minor sounds

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Unit A02 – Rhythm

piano TRACKS Unit A2 – Rhythm: Crotchets, minims, dotted minims, semibreves, and crotchet rests.