Unit A8 – Intervals

To complete unit A8 students should be comfortable with:

  • identifying skips
  • identifying steps
  • playing pieces that include steps, skips, or a mixture of the two.
  • learn what ‘unison’ means

You could also start to encourage aural identification of these sounds in preparation for aurally identifying specific intervals.

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  • Place some hoops, mats, or similar on the floor. Get students to step between neighbouring mats or skip between two (missing one out in the middle). Show students skip or step flash cards and ask them do the relevant action. Play skips or steps on the piano/instrument and ask students to do the relevant action (could also be reversed – you do the action they play/sing the associated sound).
  • Use skip and step flash cards to test their ability to spot skips and steps in music. The student does not necessarily need to know the note names for this and it is a good opportunity to introduce the principle of other notes on the stave. With notes they do know ask them to play the skips or steps on the piano.
  • Ask students to to identify skips or steps in music they are learning.

Study for Five

  • Treasure in the Desert can be found in the Free music pack (Beginner Theory selection), and is a fun simple game about skips and steps.

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Stage A – Steps and Skips Quizzes (x3)

  • Steps quiz – draw steps using Stage A notes
  • Skips quiz – draw skips using notes within Stage A and just outside the range
  • Steps & Skips quiz – identify steps and skips on the page.