Unit B06 – Articulation

In Unit B6, accents are added to the repertoire of sounds. Students should become familiar with the symbol, as well as the action to achieve an accent. They should also be able to play pieces that include accents (along with staccatos and legatos).


  • Experiment with making accented sounds. Use random notes on the piano, a 5 finger-scale, or a simple technical exercise. What happens when they drop from a higher or lower height? Do they use their wrist or arm?
  • Discuss how different actions can change the sound. Ask students what they did differently to make notes more or less accented.
  • Play a short tune with some accented notes in and ask students what they heard (aural skills). For example, play the tune twice – once accented and once not – and ask students to spot the difference.
  • Identify accented notes when they first look at a new piece (get students to do this by themselves).


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