Unit B08 – Intervals

In Stage B, students move on from skips and steps towards more ‘technical’ interval names up to a 5th. To complete this stage students should be confident with the following:

  • 2nds
  • 3rds
  • 4ths
  • 5ths
  • spotting and playing the above intervals in their pieces.
  • writing these intervals given a starting note.

We have used major or perfect intervals in our materials to introduce the concept of intervals, but not specifically used these words at this point. Other qualifiers will be introduced later.


  • Identify and mark out intervals on the piano keyboard (use temporary stickers e.g. page index tabs, or markers such as Iwako erasers for this).
  • Play intervals and discuss the different sounds. Use two highly contrasting intervals at first (e.g. 2nds vs 3rds) and then expand the range when students become more confident. This will help students start to build aural skills as well.
  • Spot intervals in pieces. You could ask your student to identify all the 5ths in a piece, or to talk you through what intervals they can see.

Vibrant Music Teachers

  • Interval Bob is a card game where players have to collect 4 of the same interval – 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, or 5ths. Perfect for this unit.


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Stage B Intervals and chords pack
3 worksheets covering harmonic and melodic intervals from 2nds to 5ths. There is no mention of qualifiers such as major/minor/perfect at this point.

  • Intervals 1: An introduction to intervals from 2nds-5ths
  • Intervals 2: Further questions on Stage B intervals, including the terms ‘harmonic’ and ‘melodic’
  • Chords: An introduction to two note chords, including identifying note names and intervals.