Unit B09 – Accidentals

Accidentals are introduced in Stage B. Students will:

  • learn about sharp and flat signs and what they do
    • therefore they should ideally also learn about tones and semitones
  • learn about natural signs and how they work
  • understand that an accidental lasts until the end of a bar (or to the relevant natural sign).
  • play pieces with sharps/flats/naturals (or a mix) in.

This unit will start to prepare students for Stage C where they are introduced to key signatures.


  • Consider whether your student would benefit from learning about tones and semitones first.
  • Introduce sharps and flats at the piano using markers (e.g. Iwako erasers or page index markers).
    • For example, ask your student to place one marker on an F, and then place one on the closest neighbour to the right (F sharp). Continue in this fashion with a range of sharps and flats. Don’t forget C/B and E/F
  • Ask students to identify and sharps, flats, or naturals, in a piece as or before they start to play it. Don’t forget accidentals that aren’t written in (because they are in the same bar). Encourage students to find these notes on the piano before playing the piece.

Vibrant Music Teachers

  • Accidental Abacus can be used at this level if you remove or introduce double flats and double sharps.


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Stage B Signs and Symbols
One worksheet on the signs and symbols covered in Stage B (also in one of our subscriber pack)

Stage B Accidentals Pack

  • Sharps and Flats: an introduction to sharps and flats
  • Drawing Sharps and Flats: practice at drawing sharps and flats
  • Naturals: and introduction to natural signs and how to draw them