Unit B11 – Technical Exercises

In Stage B students should learn to play a 1 octave scale in C major, hands separately. This can be taught aurally/by rote, or using notation.


  • Play a C major scale to your students (slowly so they have time to take it in), ask them to describe it to you (moving in step, going up then down, starting and ending on C – for example).
  • To reinforce the finger pattern, ask your student to tap the pattern out away from the piano (using a table top or piano lid).
  • Ask your students to write the scale note names out on a sheet of paper, underneath write the finger numbers. You could also do this on manuscript paper if appropriate.
  • Get the student to play the scale very slowly at first, thinking about how their hands move. You could demonstrate the scale and have them tell you which finger to use when.
  • Use fun markers to map out the scale on the piano – we like Iawko erasers.
  • Discuss the tones and semitones pattern with students where appropriate.