Unit B12 – Chords and Harmony

Students are introduced to two note chords in Unit B12. To complete the unit students should be confident in identifying chords in the music and playing them on the piano. The chords can be limited to intervals of up to a 5th, so that they align with the intervals introduced in Unit B8.


  • Identify notes in pieces students are playing.
  • Copy new chords down on to manuscript paper, to reinforce reading and understanding skills.
  • Ask students to play the chords first when they find them in a new piece.
  • Use markers like Iwako erasers to help students see where their fingers should go.
  • For students who find it difficult to physically play two notes ask them to play one note, then add a second note while still holding the first note down.
  • Tie this work to intervals and ask students to identify the interval each chord makes.


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Stage B Chords & Intervals

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  • Chords: An introduction to two note chords, including identifying note names and intervals.

Stage B Signs and Symbols
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Stage B Signs and Symbols Quiz