Unit B15 – Forms and Structure

In Unit 15 students learn about different forms and structures in music. At this level students should

  • learn to identify simple repeat bar lines and play pieces with repeats in them.
  • gain experience of playing a simple march and understand the basic musical features of a march.


  • Repeat marks
    • Play a piece that uses repeat marks and discuss what happened with the student.
    • Encourage the student to talk you through the geography of the piece. For example, where does the piece start, where is the repeat mark, where do you return to?
    • Ask students to highlight or circle the repeat marks in pieces they play.
  • Marches
    • When a student comes across a march in their tutor or pieces book start by getting the student to physically march in time (you may need to discuss what a march is if a child doesn’t know). This is great for basic pulse work.
    • Talk about the characteristics of a march, and encourage the student to think about what features of the music contribute to the march style (as opposed to a waltz, for example). You are likely to focus on the time signature and pulse at this stage.


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