Unit B15 – Forms & Structure

In Unit 15 students learn about different forms and structures in music. To complete Stage B, students should:

  • be able to identify simple repeat bar lines and play pieces with repeats in them.
  • have experience of playing a simple march and understand the basic musical features of a march.

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Stage B Signs and Symbols
One worksheet on the signs and symbols covered in Stage B.


Simple Repeats

Get Set! Piano Pieces 1 
Step Back – pg 15

Mosaic Volume 1
Bells in the Mist – pg 19 (Stage C/D elements)
The King Returns – pg 20 (Stage D/E elements)
The Roof is Leaking! – pg 25 (Stage C/D elements)

Piano Star 1
Five Little Speckled Frogs – pg 21 (Stage C/D features)


Piano Star – Five Finger Tunes
Oh When the Saints – pg 14 (1st and 2nd time bars)
Rain Dance – pg 27 (Stage C piece)