Unit B4 – Pulse & Metre

In unit B4 students should learn to play pieces that have 3 crotchet beats in a bar. They should be starting to develop a better understanding of the implications of the time signature.

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Stage B Time Signature Quiz Duo

  • 1 worksheet introducing 3 crotchets in a bar (and recapping 4 crotchets in a bar)
  • 1 worksheet on the two time signatures above, but students are also asked to clap the rhythms.


Get Set! Piano Pieces 1
Two Go A-Waltzing – pg 5
Pirates – pg 7
Flying Kites – pg 9
Bells in the Steeple – pg 11
Tie Time – pg 12

Mosaic Volume 1
Sailing Under a Moonlit Sky – pg 9 (Stage C elements)
The Little Triton – pg 10 (Stage C elements)

Piano Star – Five Finger Tunes
Friends Forever – pg 9
The Octopus – pg 12
Triceratops Waltz – pg 24

Piano Star 1
Grasshopper Jig – pg 9
A Sad Story – pg 13 (Stage C features)
Ice on the Pond – pg 20
Incy Wincy Spider – pg 31 (Stage C features)