Unit B4 – Pulse & Metre

A metre of 3 crotchets per bar is introduced in Unit B4. It is likely students will approach this before they have completed Stage A of our curriculum. With this addition students should begin to develop some understanding of the implications of the time signature (where the strong beat is).

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  • Sound a pulse or rhythm in 3 or 4 crotchets a bar by clapping, using other parts of the body (e.g. stomping feet), or using percussive instruments.
  • Ask students to make up their own rhythms in 3 or 4 crotchets a bar.
  • Play students a tune or piece of music in 3 or 4 crotchets a bar, and ask them to identify the metre. Get them to clap along to the piece emphasising the first beat of the bar.
  • For each new piece, first identify where and what the time signature is and clap a few bars of pulse.


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Stage B Time Signature Quiz Duo

  • 1 worksheet introducing 3 crotchets in a bar (and recapping 4 crotchets in a bar)
  • 1 worksheet on the two time signatures above, but students are also asked to clap the rhythms.