Unit C05 – Dynamics

In this unit students should develop further control over dynamics, and become confident at playing pianissimo and fortissimo dynamics.


  • Get students to experiment with dynamics away from their pieces. They should already be confident at playing piano and forte dynamics as well as changing between the two, and this will be an extension of those skills and understanding.
  • Ask students to play their scales or other technical exercises at pianissimo or fortissimo dynamics, and with crescendos and diminuendos.
  • Encourage students to listen to the sound they are making as they play.
    • Revisit pieces they have already mastered and add these new dynamics in. Students should be able to listen more carefully as they are not using so much concentration to learn the notes. This can also help students begin to develop this listening skill.
    • Record students as they are playing. Listen to the recording together and discuss the use of dynamics (or other features). Encourage the student to do this in their home practice. (Remember to get permission from the student/appropriate adult for recording).


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Stage C Signs and Symbols worksheet

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Stage C Signs and Symbols