Unit C07 – Hand Position and Co-ordination

In Stage C, students:

  • begin to move beyond a five finger position up to stretches of one octave in one hand.
  • play in 2 fixed five finger positions within a single piece
  • play with both hands in the treble clef
  • play with both hands in the bass clef
  • play chords that have two simple voices in one hand (e.g. a semibreve against two crotchets).

Students should also experience pieces where the hands change clef.


  • Introduce a one octave scale and/or arpeggio in C major to give students the opportunity to experience playing something that has larger range than a fifth, but can be learned without the notes on the page.
    • When the student is ready introduce the notes as well so they can see what a scale/arpeggio pattern looks like. Look out for scale/arpeggio fragments in the student’s pieces and encourage the student to spot them.
  • Many tutor books will expand the range of notes carefully, but remember to look out for other repertoire as well in order to give the student a broad experience.
    • Don’t be afraid to give the student something more challenging if you feel it is appropriate. For example, some students may develop a very sound understanding of the stave and simultaneously get a good grasp of keyboard geography. These students may benefit from a greater challenge.