Unit C08 – Intervals

To complete Unit C8, students should be familiar with:

  • 6ths
  • 7ths
  • octaves
  • spotting and playing the above intervals in their pieces.
  • writing these intervals given a starting note.

this is in addition to those intervals learned in Unit B8.

The intervals will still be major or perfect intervals although you do not necessarily need to introduce these concepts at this level.


  • Work on physical identification at the piano by:
    • Using temporary markers (eg. Iwako animal erasers, or sticky indexing tabs) to show intervals on the piano. Get students to mark out the ones you ask for, or identify intervals that you have laid out.
  • Develop aural skills by:
    • Ask students to play different intervals and discuss the difference in sounds.
    • Use an app like EarMaster to give students the opportunity to practice naming intervals away from the piano.
    • Singing intervals can be a great way to develop aural skills.
    • When students are more confident at hearing intervals you can test them by playing an interval and asking them to identify it. Expand on this by playing two or more intervals, as well as intervals that are very different or very similar.
  • Build on a student’s music theory knowledge by:
    • Encouraging students to name intervals in pieces they are playing
    • Write new intervals on manuscript paper as they learn about them.
    • Complete relevant exercises in music theory workbooks or sheets.

Vibrant Music Teachers

  • Lilypad Pond is a card game where students need to collect 4 of each kind of interval out of 4ths, 5ths, 6ths and 7ths. A good introduction to this Stage of the curriculum.
  • Interval Sprinterval Shminterval uses basic intervals from 2nds – octaves. Students have to identify these on the page with or without counting lines and spaces.


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Stage C Intervals Trio
3 worksheets on the intervals of 6ths, 7ths, and octaves

  • Intervals – 6ths, 7ths, and Octaves: Introduces these basic intervals.
  • Intervals Quiz 1: More opportunities to write and identify the above intervals, plus harmonic/melodic qualifiers.
  • Intervals Quiz 2: This worksheet tests basic knowledge of intervals from 2nd – octave (excluding any major/minor/perfect qualifiers).