Unit C1 – Notes and the Stave

In Stage C, students are formally introduced to ledger lines. To complete the stage they should be comfortable with:

  • notes that are up to one ledger line above or below the treble clef stave
  • notes that are up to one ledger line above or below the bass clef stave
  • the sign for playing one octave higher than written
  • the sign for playing one octave lower than written

They should get the experience of playing all of these features (all though not necessarily at the same time!)

As part of Unit C7 (Hand Positions & Co-ordination) students will start to move beyond a fixed five finger position and should start to become comfortable with playing piece that have a range of 1 octave in at least one hand. They might also play pieces where the hands move from one fixed five finger position to a second fixed five finger position.

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Flash Cards

Stage C Note Cards
A set of note cards that correspond to Stage C notes – one ledger line above or below the bass and treble clef staves.


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C1 Ledger Line Notes Quiz Introduction
C1 Ledger Line Notes Quiz
C1 Letters and Lengths Quiz (using notes up to one ledger line above and below the staves)

Additional worksheets from our range that touch on note names:

C8 Intervals 2
C8 Intervals 3


Get Set! Piano Pieces 1
Magic Matt – pg 23

Mosaic Volume 1
Nine Fingers – pg 7 (Stage E features)
Let’s Play Ball – pg 8 (Stage B features)
An October Fright Night – pg 11 (Stage D features)
The Caterpillar Walk – pg 12
On Tiptoe Through the Haunted House – pg 24 (Stage D features)

New Horizons Book 1
Sun’s Out – pg 9 (Stage D/E features)
Drifting – pg 14 (Stage F features)

Piano Star – Five Finger Tunes
Jumping and Bouncing – pg 10
Note Box – pg 11
Playground Tig – pg 22
Birds in Spring – pg 23
The Notes in My Song – pg 28
Mozart’s Go-Kart – pg 29
Black Note Blues – pg 31
She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain – pg 32

Piano Star 1
After School – pg 19 (sudden change to tempo)
Shopping Trolley Rag – pg 28 (simple syncopation)

Octave Higher/Lower Signs
Mosaic Volume 1
Lullaby for my Sweetheart – pg 13 (Stage D features)
Bells in the Mist – pg 19 (Stage D features)
Inside the Pharaoh’s Tomb – pg 27 (Stage E features)