Unit C15 – Forms and Structure

To complete Unit C15 students should:

  • learn about and play waltzes
  • learn about and play minuets
  • be able to follow 1st and 2nd time bar markings.


  • Explain what waltzes and minuets are. Students may already know what a waltz is if they watch Strictly Come Dancing, or similar. They are less likely to know what a minuet is (especially young students).
  • Encourage students to check the time signature to see if a piece might be a waltz or minuet style.
  • When a student encounters 1st and 2nd time bar markings, have a thorough discussion about how the work. Get them to explain it to you.
  • Encourage students to check the layout of a new piece before they start to play, and identify and explain any repeat marks.