Unit C3 – Tempo

In Unit C3, students are introduced to some tempo terms. The suggested ones for this level are:

  • ritardando
  • rallentando
  • accelerando
  • allegro
  • andante
  • adagio

They should also learn what ‘tempo’ means and where to look for tempo indications. Students should experience playing pieces that include one change to tempo (e.g. a rit). This means they don’t also have to learn about ‘a tempo’ but it does set them up for this knowledge which happens in Unit D3.

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Get Set! Piano Pieces 1 
Irish Jig – pg 10 (Stage B piece)
Chords Calling – pg 13
Ben’s Bounce – pg 14 (Stage B piece)
Boogie Man – pg 16 (1st and 2nd time bars)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas – pg 18
Tingalayo! – pg 20 (1st and 2nd time bars, syncopation)
If You’re Happy and You Know It – pg 22

New Horizons Book 1
Drifting – pg 14 (Stage F elements)


Get Set! Piano Pieces 1 
Souallé – pg 17
Eve’s Fairy Fingers – pg 20 (F major key sig)
Soft Kitten – pg 21

Mosaic Volume 1
Dorian – pg 29 (Stage D elements)

New Horizons Book 1
Turning Always – pg 15 (Stage E/F elements)


Get Set! Piano Pieces 1
Souallé – pg 17

Einaudi Graded Pieces 1
Primavera – pg 30 (Stage D)

Mosaic Volume 1
Song to the Stars – pg 26 (Stage D/E elements)
Dorian – pg 29 (Stage D elements)

‘Getting Slower’

Piano Star – Five Finger Tunes
Friends Forever – pg 9
Slippery Snake – pg 26

Piano Star 1
A Sad Story – pg 13


Einaudi Graded Pieces 1
The Earth Prelude – pg 10
Andare – pg 53 (Stage D elements)

Mosaic Volume 1
Sailing Under a Moonlit Sky – pg 9
Lullaby for my Sweetheart – pg 13 (Stage D elements)
Cross Over the Sea Bridge – pg 14 (Stage D/E elements)
Go To Sleep – pg 15 (Stage D/E elements)
Turkish Delight – pg 21 (Stage D elements)