Stage D

Stage D is the fourth level of the piano TRACKS curriculum. At the end of this stage students should find the Grade 1 level exams accessible. To complete Stage D students should be comfortable with:

  • notes up to two ledger lines above and below the stave
  • semiquavers, dotted quavers, swung quavers
  • triplets (and playing simple quaver triplets)
  • what syncopation means and playing simple syncopated rhythms
  • an increasing number of tempo terms, and playing pieces with more changes to tempo
  • understanding the difference between simple and compound time
  • 2 minims in bar, common and cut time signatures
  • sforzando and forte-piano dynamic markings
  • tenutos
  • playing pieces that have a range of around 1 octave in one hand
  • more key signatures, scales, tonic triads, and broken chords
  • chords I and V
  • acciaccaturas
  • AB and ABA form structures

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Unit D02 – Rhythm

piano TRACKS Unit D2 – Rhythm: Semiquavers, dotted quavers, triplets, and syncopation.