Unit D01 – Notes and the Stave

In Stage D, students learn the names and positions of note:

  • up to two ledger lines above or below the treble clef stave
  • up to two ledger lines above or below the bass clef stave

Students should become confident and identifying and playing these notes in their pieces.

Flash Cards

These flash cards are available to purchase for download from our Payhip store.

Stage A – D Note Flash Cards 

Note flash cards including:

  • All notes within the treble and bass clef staves
  • Notes up to and including two ledger lines above and below the treble and bass clef staves.

Use which ever notes you need for the individual pupil. You may find it helpful to colour code them by using different coloured card for the notes that belong to different levels.


  • Flashnote Derby or Note Rush are two iPad note reading games (both paid apps). You can select ledger line notes for students to focus on.
  • Use our flash cards above to reinforce new note names as students come across them in their pieces, so that students are comfortable naming them in context.
  • Get students to compose their own pieces using new notes. If they need help with this you can use a composition worksheet, like this one from Roo Records. Use these in conjunction with our note flash cards (above), or Stage D rhythm flash cards to secure particular rhythms or notes. 
  • Ask students to identify these new notes in their pieces, working them out from notes they are confident with if necessary.
  • Writing notes on manuscript paper can help students to become stronger at identifying them on the page.

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Two Ledger Line Notes – Introduction
An introduction to notes that use two ledger lines above or below the treble or bass clef staves.

Stage D Letters and Lengths Quiz 
Students are asked to identfy notes by letter up to two ledger lines above or below the bass and treble clef staves.