Unit D1 – Notes and the Stave

In Stage D, students learn the names and positions of note:

  • up to two ledger lines above or below the treble clef stave
  • up to two ledger lines above or below the bass clef stave

Students should become confident and identifying and playing these notes in their pieces.

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Flash Cards

Stage D Note Flash Cards (Payhip download)
Flash cards including
Notes within the staves (treble and bass clef)
Notes 2 ledger lines above and below the staves (treble and bass clef)

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D1 Two Ledger Line Notes – Introduction
D1 & D2 – Stage D Letters and Lengths Quiz 


Piano Star 1
Who Built the Ark? – pg 32 (Stage C elements)

Einaudi Graded Pieces 1
The Earth Prelude – pg 10 (Stage C elements)
Primavera – pg 30
The Snow Prelude No. 15 – pg 37 (Stage E elements)

Mosaic Volume 1
Cross Over the Sea Bridge – pg 14 (Stage E elements)
Bells in the Mist – pg 19 (Stage  C elements)
Question Mark (?) – pg 22 (Stage C elements)
Exclamation Mark (!) – pg 23 (Stage C elements)
Funny Car Horns – pg 32

New Horizons Book 1
Turning Always – pg 15 (Stage E/F elements)
Summer Calypso – pg 16 (Stage E/F elements)
Sunday Afternoon – pg 18 (Stage E/F elements)
Funk Blues – pg 20 (Stage E elements)
Sombre Gaze – pg 21 (Stage E elements)