Unit D11 – Technical Exercises

To complete Unit D11 students should learn the following scales and arpeggios:

2 octave scales hands separately and 1 octave hands together

  • F major
  • A minor
  • D minor

1 octave arpeggios hands separately:

  • C major
  • G major
  • F major
  • A minor
  • D minor

1 octave contrary motion C major scale
2 octave chromatic scale on D hands separately


  • Encourage students to work out the notes of scales by using the patterns of tones and semitones – you can use temporary markers (for example, sticky indexing tabs, buttons, or game markers) to lay out the scales on the piano.
  • Get students to think about the key signature of each key. This will help them to remember which accidentals they need when playing the exercise, but also encourage them to link these technical aspects to their pieces.
  • If students struggle to play scales hands together try some of these techniques
    • Play cluster chords in finger pattern groups
      • For example in C major right hand you would play [123] together then [12345] together.
    • Play one hand whilst reciting the finger pattern for the other hand
    • Encourage slow careful practice at first.