Unit D3 – Tempo

More tempo terms are added in Unit D3. The following are specifically identified in the curriculum but feel free to add your own.

  • a tempo
  • ritenuto
  • allegretto
  • largo
  • lento
  • moderato

Students should also be able to manage a piece that includes two changes to tempo (for example a rit then a tempo).

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Two changes to tempo

Einaudi Graded Pieces 1
Nuvole Biance – pg 14 (Stage E elements)
Petricor – pg 35 (Stage E elements)
The Snow Prelude No. 15 – pg 37 (Stage E elements)
Indaco – pg 42 (Stage E/F elements)

Mosaic Volume 1
Alone in a Castle – pg 17 (Stage E elements)
Question Mark (?) – pg 22 (Stage C elements)
Inside the Pharaoh’s Tomb – pg 27

Piano Star 1
Ten o’Clock Tiptoe – pg 29


Mosaic Volume 1
Let’s Play Ball – pg 8 (Stage B/C elements)

New Horizons Book 1
Sombre Gaze – pg 21 (Stage E elements)