Unit D4 – Pulse & Metre

In Unit D4 students learn more about different time signatures and develop their experience of playing in different metres.

  • playing in 2 minims a bar
  • common time
  • cut time
  • what simple time and compound time is
  • how to group notes in simple time
  • aurally identify whether a pieces is in 2 beats in a bar or 3 beats in a bar
  • play pieces that include one simple change to time signature

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Change to Time Signature
Einaudi Graded Pieces 1
Indaco – pg 42 (Stage E/F elements)
Fly – pg 46 (Stage E elements)

Cut Time
Mosaic Volume 1
Cross Over the Sea Bridge – pg 14 (Stage E elements)
The Roof is Leaking! – pg 25 (Stage C elements)