Stage E

Stage E is the fifth level of the piano TRACKS curriculum. At the end of this stage students should find the Grade 2 level exams accessible. To complete Stage E students should be comfortable with:

  • notes up to three ledger lines above and below the treble and bass clef staves
  • semiquaver rests
  • more tempo terms, and gradual or sudden tempo changes
  • playing pieces in 3 or 4 minims per bar
  • what irregular time signatures are
  • how to group notes in compound time
  • staccato plus legato/tenuto combinations of articulations
  • playing pieces with a range of more than one octave in both hands
  • aurally identify 4ths and 5ths
  • play pieces in up to two sharps or flats
  • play an increased number of scales and arpeggios
  • Alberti bass patterns
  • upper and lower mordents
  • DC/DS al Coda/Fine

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Unit E03 – Tempo

piano TRACKS Unit E3 – Tempo: Developing skills and gaining experience.

Unit E04 – Pulse and Metre

piano TRACKS Unit E4 – Pulse and Metre: Irregular time signatures, minim time signatures, and grouping notes in compound time.