Unit E01 – Notes and the Stave

In Stage E, students learn the names and positions of notes:

  • up to three ledger lines above or below the treble clef stave
  • up to three ledger lines above or below the bass clef stave

Students should become confident and identifying and playing these notes in their pieces.


  • Get students to write these new notes on manuscript paper.
    • Extension task: Re-write and transpose a tune from high bass clef in to treble clef or vice versa (using notes up with up to three ledger lines).
    • Re-write and transpose a tune to a higher or lower octave in bass/treble clef, either from or too notes with up to two or three ledger lines.
  • Ask students to identify and name these notes when they appear in their pieces.
  • Encourage students to compose a piece that uses these notes (this worksheet from Roo Records Music can help students to start to compose).
  • iPad/Tablet Apps (payment may be required)

Vibrant Music Teaching

  • By now students should have a solid general understanding of how ledger lines work and so would be able to play Legend of the Ledgers or Fishing Lines, both games involving ledger line work.


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Stage E Notes with Three Ledger Lines
Two double sided worksheets introducing notes that use three ledger lines above and below the bass clef stave. Students draw these notes and identify them in a range of note value contexts.