Unit E12 – Chords and Harmony

In Stage E students should learn about chord IV, and what “primary chords” are, explicitly the primary chords of the following keys:

  • C major
  • G major
  • D major
  • F major
  • A minor
  • D minor

The should also learn what Alberti bass is and get ample experience of playing pieces with this feature in.


  • Introduce chord IV in a key they are confident in. Ask the student to work out chord IV of other keys for themselves.
  • You might like to introduce the pattern of chords (major/minor etc.). chords in these scales.
  • When students have been introduced to Alberti bass, encourage them to spot these patterns in new pieces they encounter.
  • Explore the harmony of the student’s pieces with them, and encourage them to identify the primary chords.