Unit E14 – Pedalling

In Stage E students should encounter further markings for the sustain pedal, and begin to develop independence and further control in using the pedal.


  • Ensure the student has a thorough understanding of how the pedal mechanics work:
    • Look inside the piano so they can visualise what is happening.
    • Discuss how the pedal works.
    • Begin to explore the different extents to which you need to depress the pedal and how they affect the sound.
  • Encourage the student to practice and experiment with the pedal both in the lesson and at home. Remind the student that different pianos can behave in different ways.
  • Develop listening skills by introducing some pieces that are more simple than the standard the student is currently working at. This can be useful because the student will spend lesson processing power on learning and playing the notes, and therefore can gain more experience at listening as they play. Alternatively, or in addition to this, you could record the student and get them to comment on their performance.