Unit E8 – Intervals

For Stage E students should build on their ability to aurally identify intervals, adding perfect 4ths and perfect 5ths to their repertoire.

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  • Play 4ths and 5ths at the piano, and discuss the different sounds with the student.
  • With the teacher at the piano, ask the student to turn away or close their eyes. Play them a 4th or 5th and ask them to identify it. Whatever answer they give, talk to them about why it is right or wrong. Include harmonic or melodic intervals.
  • When they are confident at identifying 2nds vs 3rds and 4ths vs 5ths, test the student on all of these intervals. Start with those from the major scale and then add additional ones.
  • Use an iPad app like EarMaster to train students in recognising 4ths and 5ths.