Unit F02 – Rhythm

In this unit students develop their understanding of triplets to include triplets that combine different note and rest values.


  • Don’t forget those activities you used in the foundation stage. It can be really helpful to students to apply a more challenging rhythm to a familiar exercise:
    • Clap the rhythm
      • Clap a basic triplet rhythm first, and then work up to the more complicated triplet pattern
      • Use mathematical subdivision if the student finds this approach helpful
      • Ensure the students are feeling the pulse of the music first.
    • Spot the rhythm
      • Clap two similar rhythms and ask the student to aurally identify which one is the correct one.
      • Clap a rhythm and ask students to write it down
  • Use rhythms from pieces the student is currently studying to allow them to see and hear the pattern in context. However, it is good to use other rhythms as well, so the student gets a thorough rhythmic education.