Unit F12 – Chords and Harmony

To successfully complete this unit students should:

  • learn what a perfect cadence is
  • spot perfect cadences at the end of pieces
  • begin to be able to aurally identify perfect cadences
  • be able to work out primary chords in any key.

This unit should enable students to develop a greater understanding of the function of cadence points in their pieces.


  • Ensure students can confidently identify chords I and V before embarking on this unit.
  • One way to approach this topic is to choose a piece that ends with a simple perfect cadence and ask the student to analyse the chords. Then introduce the terminology and encourage the student to identify perfect cadences in another piece.
  • Encourage students to sing the cadence choose the root of the chords, and both descending and ascending. This will help them with aural identification of the cadence.