Unit G02 – Rhythm

In this Unit students learn about:

  • breves
  • breve rests
  • duplets
  • what a double dot does to the length of a note.


  • Piano students may not encounter breves or breve rests very often, but it is good to deepen their wider musical understanding, as well as preparing them for music which does use them.
    • Some children find it helpful to learn about breves when the encounter semibreves, as it can help them remember the name.
  • Students should have a clear understanding about the single dot (begins in Unit C03) before learning about the double dot.
  • Ensure students have a strong sense of the pulse of a piece or phrase that contains duplets.
    • Encourage students to clap rhythms that look like they might be difficult before trying to play them. This is good practice habit to get into.