Unit G03 – Tempo

Students should continue to build on the number of tempo words they know throughout this curriculum. In Unit G3 the following words are specified:

  • animé
  • calando
  • cédez
  • presser
  • presto possibile
  • ralentir
  • veloce
  • vite

Students should get experience of playing pieces in a wider variety of and with more sophisticated changes to tempo.

Students should also begin to work towards a personal interpretation of rubato in relevant pieces.


  • Encourage the student to explore and experiment with rubato, whilst supporting them to achieve a sound that is appropriate to the context of the piece.
  • Encourage students to play a wide range of repertoire that includes pieces from different eras, and in different styles.
    • Try setting your students the challenge of learning a certain number of pieces (e.g. 30 or 40 pieces is popular). These can include some pieces that the student will find more easy to learn, duets, and more challenging repertoire to stretch the student. All pieces will contribute to their overall experience at the piano.