Unit G12 – Chords and Harmony

Students learn about imperfect cadences in this unit. To simplify things, this can begin with a focus on II-V and IV-V). To successfully complete the unit students should learn to spot imperfect cadences in their pieces and be able to tell the difference between perfect and imperfect cadences in their aural work.


  • Ensure students can confidently identify the relevant chords on the page before embarking on this unit.
  • Encourage students to sing the imperfect cadences. Sing the root of the chord, both descending and ascending. This will help them with aural identification of the cadence.
  • Ask the student to analyse some of the chords in appropriate pieces. Perhaps choose repertoire for this that have clear imperfect cadence points, particularly to start with.
  • Play straightforward perfect and imperfect cadences to the student and ask them to aurally identify which is which.