Unit G15 – Forms and Structure

For this unit, students should:

  • Discover sonatas/sonatinas
  • Learn about basic sonata form
  • play part or all of a short sonatina.


  • Explore the structure of a piece in sonata form with the student
    • Use a piece that has a clear, typical structure
    • Can the student describe what is happening – both on the page, and when listening to the piece.
  • Analyse a piece in sonata form thinking about:
    • Modulations and harmony, including cadence points.
    • Themes and motifs that are developed, and what happens to them
    • Structure including repetitions, exposition, development, and recapitulation.
  • Clearly explain and discuss the difference between sonata form and a full sonata with the student.
  • Encourage the student to listen to music in these forms at home. Include repertoire for other instruments as well.