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In Piano Tracks, Barbara has created a superb and creative resource for piano teachers. A clear framework of skill and knowledge acquisition is supported by a range of checklists, worksheets and similar resources. Much can also be adapted for use with other instruments too, and I’m excited to see how the project develops in the future. – David B

Much of the material on this website is free to access. You can download our curriculum, and our original worksheets (from the Stages or Modules sections). The website also houses our repertoire and resources suggestions, as well as signposts to new material.

Our checklists will soon be available to buy in hard copy. They are also available right now to our Patreon supporters who have chosen Reward Tier 1 or 2. If you’d like to become a Patreon support please visit our supporter page. Your contribution will help us to:

  • keep the website running as a resources for teachers
  • develop new material
  • acquisition of new resources to review for the website
  • advertising the project so we can help other teachers
  • development of the project, such as producing more published material that you can use with your students.

With these reward tiers you will also receive a discount for any hard copies of the checklists that you purchase.

You can also financially support the project through a one-off contribution via PayPal.

  • Keep the website running
  • Time and expertise spent developing material
  • The acquisition of new resources to review for the website
  • Advertising the project so we can help other teachers
  • To potentially publish hard copy volumes of some of the material on here.

Patreon supporters also get early access to new resources and development ideas.

Thank you!

We would like to say a huge thank you to those who are already supporting us financially:

L Devlin

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