How To….

How to use the Repertoire documents
When we review a volume of pieces we align the works to our piano TRACKS curriculum and identify their key educational features. We put this together in PDF documents that are free to download from the relevant blog post. Here are some tips for using those documents, and what they mean.

Feature strengths column: this shows the main features that the piece can be used to develop
Stages: This shows the stages the piece crosses.
Where two stages are given the first stage indicates the lowest level at which the piece would be accessible. The second stage shows that there are some features at or up to this level in the piece.
Where only one stage is shown that means that it sits fairly solidly in that level and could be used as an ‘assessment’ piece.
Letters in brackets: The letters in brackets show the stage of that particular element. For example HT (D), means that the piece requires hands together playing that is around stage D level. This is used for elements of piano playing that are developed over a series of stages.