What an amazing idea! Really helps to guide progress and lesson planning. Kids love having tangible goals and often come to lessons and say ‘can we tick off the lists this week?’ and they love the certificates! My next job is to spend more time exploring the worksheets. It’s wonderful how much content is added all the time. An invaluable resource for piano teachers.

Amy W

In Piano Tracks, Barbara has created a superb and creative resource for piano teachers. A clear framework of skill and knowledge acquisition is supported by a range of checklists, worksheets and similar resources. Much can also be adapted for use with other instruments too, and I’m excited to see how the project develops in the future.

David B

Piano Tracks is a brilliant resource for teachers. A comprehensive list for students that are just starting out to make sure all the bases of learning are filled.

A great range of repertoire ideas, games and a check list to make sure there’s no gaps in students knowledge before progressing to the next level of playing!

A great teaching aid!

Rachael P